Walmart Senior Project Manager Geoff Taylor 

(828) 655-0024

Lowes Senior Project Manager Kaylee White 

(336) 566-1244

Lowes Area Manager Jeff Stewart

(828) 999-8420

Lowes Area Manager Corie Thomas

(210) 999-9053

Lowes Area Manager Nicole Musgrave

(941) 713-2844

Walmart Area Manager Walter Lewis 

(256) 399-3162

(Night time contacts for any store issues or questions.)

Walmart Area Manager Antoine Bullock

(Night time contacts for any store issues or questions.)

Walmart Area Manager Dott Payne


ADP My Life Advisor – (844) 448-0325

Payroll Mgr NaKayla Shumate 

(336) 295-1245

(Paycheck, per diem, bonus’, advance questions)

HR Mgr Robin Logue 

(336) 295-1243

Debra Worthington Recruiting/Scheduling Office 

(918) 820-3060

(New hires, schedules, transfers)
  • Associates contact for request company pay for hotels

Tony Logue Systems Manager

(417) 252-3141

Questions regarding our current systems: Arahant, ADP, eMail setup and access

  1. Have you contacted your NCNS?
  2. Have you checked in on Stack 360?
  3. Are you utilizing your the task list in Stack 360?
  4. Steel toe check on all employees
  5. Ensure dress code is being followed, WTG shirt visible at all times, nothing on head, no sagging or ripped pants, jeans or khakis only, no jewelry, name badge visible at all times.
  6. No ear buds, no headphones, no cell phone use with the exception of VOLT only.
  7. If an employee smells of alcohol or marijuana, or looks to be inebriated, ESCORT OFF PROPERTY IMMEDIATELY, no exceptions, termination paperwork to follow.
  8. Ensure anyone working on moves or fixture installations is wearing hard hats and impact resistant gloves.
    1. Spills – If you see it you own it. Spills are hazardous to employees and customers.
    2. Ladder – Make sure to maintain three points of contact. Use the right size for the right job.
    3. Box Cutter – Use only approved cutting devices. Cut away from the body.
    4. Lifting – Lift with the knees and not the back. Demonstrate the proper technique.
    5. Hard Hats – Must be worn anytime moving runs, setting shelves and any other work going on overhead of the work area.
    6. Safety shoes – Steel or composite may be worn. Anytime you are working in the store they should be on.
    7. Gloves – anyone assembling/disassembling fixtures or doing a move needs to be wearing impact resistant gloves
    8. Safety Harnesses are required anytime you’re working in a bay you are required to be tethered off with a harness
    9. The number one hazard in the workplace is trip and fall so it’s a MUST to work cleanly.
    • Timesheets are to be loaded to Stack 360 PRIOR to leaving the store daily.
    • Employees are to sign out at the END of each shift. Signatures are REQUIRED.
    • Drive time forms are to be submitted immediately when the job is done listing people who are returning home.
    • Drive time forms are to be submitted immediately when the job begins for people starting or arriving at a new project.
    • Ensure names and locations are legibly printed.
    • Per Diem is paid daily , night shift receives their per diem the morning their shift ends.
    • Day shift receives their per diem the following morning after their shift ends.
    • You must contact Payroll to inquire about advances . All advances are to be paid back in full.
    • Pay week runs Saturday through Friday and you receive pay on the following Friday EACH WEEK.
    • Drive Time Mileage is receivable upon arrival to location once submitted from SM,
    • SM is to send drive time per diem information to PM, to Senior Project Manager, including employee name and starting location, via text.
    • When someone is injured in the store, if the injury is critical Call 911
    • the Site Manager/Supervisor is to call the Nurse Navigator at 888-551-5605; 
    • Answer all questions asked by the nurse and then she will ask to speak to the injured employee, whereas, she will take their statement.
    • Make sure Nurse Navigator knows that Robin Logue is the contact person for the claim.
      Her personal cell number is (417) 252-4262 (DO NOT GIVE THIS OUT TO EMPLOYEES)
      eMail is
    • Make sure Nurse Navigator knows the state the accident occurred in.  That will be the jurisdiction.
    • Find out from Nurse Navigator where employee should go for treatment and post drug screen.
      Employee must be given the WORKERS COMP DRUG TEST FORM (Link To Form: Click Here)
    • This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • Fill out the accident report and upload to employees file through Stack 360 Mobile Interface.
    • Keep copies of the written warning document on hand to use when necessary.
    • The only difference in uploading a verbal vs. written writeup is…
    • You will select SAVE after completing all necessary information for a verbal write up.
    • You will select UPLOAD after completing all necessary information for a written writeup so you can upload the photo of said writeup.

    Employee may elect for the Company to pay hotel charges during travel instead of receiving the full Per Diem allowance.

    This request must be made directly with WTG’s Recruiting Department – (918) 820-3060.

    This election will be made on a project by project basis and cannot be changed during the project unless prior written approval is obtained from the CFO.

    Requests must be made through the Recruiting Department prior to beginning a project.

    If Employee did not work the previous work week, the Per Diem Alternative may not go into effect until after they have worked a full shift.

    • Employee will NOT receive full per diem of $100 / day (SUPERVISORS) or $60 / day (ASSOCIATES).
    • Employee’s Per Diem Rate will be $20 / day when Hotels are paid by Way To Go.
    • Rooms booked may or may not allow pets and/or smoking in the room.  Employee must abide by hotel guidelines and policies.
    • Hotel location is subject to change based on availability.
    • Associates are required to have a travel partner or roommate.  Way To Go will not pay for a hotel for only one Associate unless prior written approval is obtained from the CFO.
    • Any charges for damages, unapproved pets, smoking or any other related charges will be the responsibility of the Employee and will be deducted from the Employee’s next paycheck.
    • Employees are expected to work 5 days per week.  Staying in a hotel and not working the full assigned shift is considered a PERSONAL hotel stay.  A portion of the weekly hotel cost will be deducted from Employee’s paycheck if they do not work the full assigned shift, calculated as one-fifth (1/5) of the employee’s share of the weekly cost of the hotel room per day missed.  For example, if the weekly hotel cost is $600 and employee does not work the full assigned shift 1 day that week, then $60 will be deducted from their paycheck as a personal hotel night ($600 divided by 5 days divided by 2 employees sharing the room).