About  Us

Our vision

Our vision at Way to Go is to grow and grow a lot. Our advantage is that we have grown each year with both new employees and projects. We are excited about the prospects of accelerating our growth.  

We see a tomorrow where Way To Go is a sector leader. We do not see being tied for second place, we will do what it takes to be number one.

We see a limitless tomorrow, with enhanced technology and staff training that will support all aspects of our business.

As our employees grow our Company grows. We believe our employees will be the most successful in our industry.

We love sharing the stories of our employees. It is rewarding to see what happens when people are put first. The success of Way To Go will be driven by the success of our team members and we look forward to sharing those stories with everyone. 

Our clients will share in our celebration of continued growth, because they will be the direct beneficiary of the incredible services and customer care provided by our team members. 

Our future truly is a team activity! 

Our Mission

Way To Go Merchandising is a national company that delivers scalable merchandising and store setup solutions for retailers across America.

Company growth is driven by an Employee First philosophy that keeps employee development a primary focus, thus meeting client needs for a reliable and dependable service provider.

Company profitability is assured by meeting both employee development and our clients requirement for a team partnership style approach to fulfilling the demand for on time and on budget expectations.

Our Team

Company Owner Randy Whitley often says “there is no I in team”. That sentiment is shared among all the Way to Go management.

The employee first philosophy promotes both growth and accountability. Everyone is driven to do their very best with the reassurance that each team member has the power of the team backing them up.

Randy Whitley

Owner, Way To Go Merchandising

Randy has a passion for the merchandising industry and has been involved for nearly two decades. He has managed large scale projects in many different retailers, including Walmart, Lowe’s Home Improvement, NAPA, Western Auto and Winn Dixie.

Randy brings an employee first mindset and culture to Way to Go that has drawn top talent. Randy is active in our everyday business and has a direct relationship with many of our employees and clients.  Randy spends most of his time traveling across the country to various projects to meet with our teams and clients one on one. Randy understands the value of having the right people in place to ensure that Way To Go is equipped for growth and opportunities.

Ben Medlin

Finance Officer

Ben has worked with WTG since the Company was founded and played an integral role in building the Company’s Finance and Accounting function.  Ben was hands on in the implementation of a project management system which facilitates timely and accurate client invoicing and a payroll process and system which allows us to pay our employees quicker than our competitors.  Ben also led the charge in developing incentive compensation structures that reward our project managers based on what is most important to our clients.

Ben has 9 years of experience with PricewaterhouseCoopers in the Retail and Consumer Products industry.  Ben has a Master’s degree with a concentration in accounting from Appalachian State University.

Tony Logue

Systems & Training Manager

Tony joined WTG as a Shift Supervisor in 2013 and quickly worked his way up to managing a large-scale project with almost 100 employees.  Tony later served as a Regional Manager in charge of 7 projects and 300 employees.

Tony’s effective leadership and critical thinking skills was the reason for his promotion to the position of Chief Information Officer. Tony is responsible for the implementation and management of project management systems that streamline project management, employee onboarding and training. Tony also develops and oversees training programs for the organization.

Robin Logue

Human Resource Manager

Robin has a great sense of what is takes to be successful in the retail merchandising industry. She brings the perspective of someone who has worked at various levels on projects across the country. She knows what’s involved because she has firsthand experience.

The Way To Go employee first philosophy is a perfect match with Robin’s style of interaction with team members and prospective new employees. She manages all aspects of the onboarding process and utilizes her keen conflict resolution skills when needed.

Betty Daye

Sales Manager

Betty has many years of sales experience and is on the frontline of sales efforts for Way To Go. She spends her time contacting prospective new clients. Betty’s commitment to clear and effective communication is well known among her prospect list.

Betty loves team work and she is driven by creating new relations that offers our WTG team as an asset for our clients. You may get a call from Betty or you may see her at an industry trade show. Take time to chat with her, you’ll be glad you did.


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